Perfectly Imperfect Parents is a blog website designed to connect with parents in relating stories and experiences. Our blog is it not the typical type that chronicles the day-to-day activities of our lives, it’s a collection of thoughts, memories, dreams and events of the past, present and future. It’s whatever we feel and experience on any given day and may or may not pertain to our current situation, whatever flows from us we write about. It’s about raw emotion, it’s the human experience that ebbs and flows through us all. The daily life of a single parent is fraught with challenges, doubts and fears; the struggle is real and constant, still we survive. This is what we write about, we look into our souls and take whatever is there – good or bad. So, join us on this lifetime journey as we chronicle our daily existence, as we create a legacy for our children, a source of comfort for those experiencing the same life and a coping mechanism for ourselves. Thank you and enjoy!

“The development of a child depends on the willingness of a parent to develop too” 

“Happiness of a child lies on the happiness of their parent” 


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