After three long days of rain, I never expected such a beautiful Sunday morning. As I woke in the morning, I peaked my eyes open to see the sun beaming through the bedroom window. I smiled to the warming tones that filled the room. I just knew this would be a pleasant day, especially a day to celebrate my most blessed position of life.

Last year for Mother’s Day, I planned a great day of outdoor activities. We took a 4 mile hike, saw a waterfall and went fishing. The cold and rain this year deferred any plans for an outdoor event. I kind of wished I had a back up plan for this sunny gorgeous day. Instead, it was a play by ear kind of day. I started my morning with quiet as I had an hour to myself while my son still rested. I ate a bowl of cereal and checked on the growth of my plants. Spinach and chives are coming in well while the others stall.


I walked back into the bedroom for a peak and found that my little dude was finally awake. He opened his eyes and said,”Happy Mother’s Day”. I smiled, “Thank you”. He asked me what our plans were for the day. The only plans I had were to join another mom (my best friend) and her daughter for a day at the park. But first, I started on chores. I wanted a clean house for my day. After my son finished his bowl of cereal, he joined me in my efforts. He was only willing to help so easily because it was Mother’s Day.

After much needed work around the house, I put my favorite dress on and got ready for our day. We grabbed some food from Subway and took it to the park. There’s just something about eating outside that just feels right. Walking up to the picnic tables, I could hear the leaves moving in the wind and I could sense peace in the breeze rushing by me. It felt perfect already. As we ate our lunch, we waited for our friend and her daughter to arrive.


Once they showed up, we finished up our meal. We joined them on the playground. It was very nice. It was just two single moms joining together to get their children together as double best friends. A nine year old and a two year old – best friends, it’s adorable. We all shared caring for our children, playing with them and watching them laugh and play together. Simple, but filled with love for our children.


Afterwards, we went to my friend’s house and spent a little bit of time there. We watched as the children played together. My son constantly wanting to protect her, and she just wanting to be independent. We all took strolls around the yard, because that’s what the little one wanted to do.

After that simple adventure, my son and I went home. Instead of joining the parking lot rage, long waits for a table and the noise of other guests, I opted dinner out for quiet dinner at home. Plus, my son wanted to help me make dinner, which added as a nice touch to my Mother’s Day. My son and I prepping salads, chicken cordon bleu in the oven and cooking white rice. It was a nice semi-healthy meal that we made together. We turned the electronics off and only surrounded ourselves with sunlight and the sounds of the wind. Then, we sat and prayed over our meal before devouring it.


Once, my son finished his meal, he decided to go visit my dad. He walked over leaving me to finish my plate on my own. This was fine with me, I enjoyed experiencing the quiet for a moment. I walked out on my back porch to overlook my miniature garden. I was caught in the whirling calm of the wind yet again. It made me feel peaceful and radiant. I decided to walk my hill billy bare feet through the stoned and acorned covered grass to my son’s swing set. I sat on a swing and gradually moved myself forward and back. I was in motion along the rhythm of the breeze. On the right of me, I watched two robins hopping around the grass. Then, I watched one pull a worm from the ground.


I don’t think that I’ve ever actually witnessed this in person before. It was kind of neat to watch. She then flew up in the tree above me and dropped the worm off into a nest. Then, quickly flew back to the ground for more.  A mother’s job is never done.


My mother’s day wasn’t this big elaborate filled day of events, but that was okay to me. It never was about me being spoiled. I don’t expect anything, like breakfast in bed or a day without my child to enjoy at the spa. It was a day to spend with the person who calls me mom. I spend the day being a mom. Just like that robin, my job wasn’t done or put on hold. I spent it the way I had expected it. It was beautiful and I got to spend it with some of my most favorite people. It was a day to reflect my blessings and be grateful that I am a mom. I am blessed to have my son, and I love being a mom. That’s all that day had to be about.


Written by J. Marie

Founder/Owner, Perfectly Imperfect Parents - Single Mom . Blogger . Photographer . Bar Marketing Manager and Bartender . Artist of Frame Design . Part-Time Student to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

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