My son was playing video games with my brother, so I’ve had the last hour to myself. I decided that I would try to catch up on my blogs during this time. I first responded to some emails, which took up some time. I realized that it was kind of getting late and I haven’t ate yet, so decided to have a bowl of cereal for dinner. Well, I had a big lunch, so cereal was all I needed.


As I leaned over the bowl to take a bite from my spoon, my eyes were drawn to the back of the cereal box. I started staring at it’s pattern and trying to figure out how the silly game worked that was posted on the back. I began reading the instructions. I thought to myself that the game was simple, but probably fun to play with my son.

It was at that moment that I felt nostalgic, yet despondent. I remember a time when cereal boxes were something that we looked forward to every morning as children. Whether it was a simple game or maze on the back of the box, or it was to see if you reached the toy inside yet. Then, my brothers and I would fight over the toy whenever one of us finally got to it. It was a more simple time back then. Yes, during my upbringing it was a time when video games and television were really starting to become a trend, but we still played the simple games and did easy going things as well. We weren’t completely consumed in our electronics then. We played outside…a lot!

I played a lot of sports, but my brothers and I also did lots of other things using our imaginations. We played cops & robbers, pretended to be ninjas, pretended to be photographers taking pictures of the flowers and trees with our Polaroid cameras, and rode our bikes. We also drew a lot of pictures, wrote a lot of stories, and enjoyed all aspects of music.


Nowadays, electronics are our world. Television, tablets, phones and video games are what our society is completely consumed of in our everyday lives. I get it, I am also guilty of this, yet irony has it that I hate it as well. Everybody is living in the fast lane anymore, and if we just slow down, we could notice the little simple pleasures. Just like I did, when I didn’t rush my self to make dinner and clean the house. I stopped and told myself, just sit down and have a bowl of cereal. It was then that I noticed the simple pleasure of playing a game on the back of a cereal box. That’s how we need to be in lives. Put the electronics down, slow down, be still and observe. You might find more out of life than those phones can ever give. If we just slow down, we might realize that we are actually going faster than we think.

I noticed that when I rush my son in the mornings, I don’t actually get him to school any faster than if I slowed down and were patient. He actually goes much slower when I rush him. We all just need to learn patience, compassion and observation all over again. It’s funny of how a basic box of cereal can ponder up so many thoughts about life. However, I am grateful for these little reminders about how life should be lived. One day, it just might stick.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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