This year for my son’s birthday, I gave him the option of choosing whether he would want a bounce house for his party or save the money to book a weekend at a family resort near the beach. He chose wisely picking the weekend vacation at a family resort. So, I booked Friday night and planned to come home early on Saturday before Easter Sunday. We were very excited!

Finally, Friday had finally arrived! It was the day of our vacation. We were so excited that I was loosing my mind – literally. After work, I picked up my son. I told him that I forgot my sunglasses, because I didn’t see them in my purse. So, I went to the store to buy new ones. Afterwards, we stopped at McDonald’s to pick up dinner. When we got back into the car, I couldn’t find my phone. I scrambled everywhere looking for it in the car, I just couldn’t find it. Maybe it fell on the car floor, car doors, or it’s in my purse. I looked for it in all of the reasonable places. – nothing. So, I went back inside of McDonald’s to ask the employees to call my phone. I heard nothing, which makes phone was probably still on silent for when I was at work. Or my phone was left behind in the other store. I started freaking out…we’re going on vacation, I have no phone if something happens or we break down on the way. But then, I lifted up the center console and there it was…..why did I put it in there?!?! Then, naturally I felt like an idiot. But I felt even more stupid when I went to go reach for my car keys, and I found my original sunglasses in a side pocket of my purse…..OH MY GOD, I definitely need this vacation!


Everything went much more smoother after that episode. We took our nice hour and a half drive to our hotel. My son fell asleep in the passenger seat on the way over. Maybe it was the scent of salt air, but he woke up 15 minutes prior to arrival. Then, finally we pulled up to the resort. It was a tall beautiful house looking hotel. We checked in, received our resort bracelets and hotel key card. As we walked out, we saw a sign telling children to look for golden eggs hidden within the resort to receive a prize. We hoped to find one as we constantly saw many other colored plastic eggs laying around.

We drove over to our room, and on the front door there was a sign that said, “Happy Birthday”. My son was happy about that. My son’s expression about the room was the best, “Wow! Look at the room”. I forget that the experience of staying in a hotel room is fairly new to him, but it’s something that I’ve seen several times in my lifetime. So, the room would be an exciting occurrence for him.

After, he turned cartoons on the tv and we settled into our room, we decided to jump right into activities. So, we got into our swim suits, and headed to the indoor pool. So, we grabbed our bag of towels and extra clothes, then drove over. We walked in the building , and started observing the different aspects of the indoor pool. It was loud and hectic, but we were anticipating joining in the fun. There was a hot tub, tables, beach chairs, a bar serving food and drinks, and the pool had several different activities. There was volley ball, inflatable balls everywhere, a fun slide, buckets that poured water down onto people and more. It was very kid friendly. I knew it would be cold, so we decided to just dive in by going down the slide. Oh My God! It was COLD! But I survived. We had so much fun together! We went down the slide together, played with the inflatable balls, played tag in the pool and took turns getting splashed. We had a blast, just me and my buddy.

After about an hour into the fun, my fibromyalgia started kicking in. My knees were aching and my hands were numb from the cold water, so I got into the hot tub. At that moment, it finally felt like a vacation to me, because I was actually doing an adult activity – ha! I don’t remember the last time that I’ve ever been in a hot tub. Plus, I got to conveniently watch my son have fun from where I was sitting. He would often look over to see if I was watching him go down the slide. It was so great! We finally left at 9:30, because they were getting ready to close up at 10.

I decided that our fun wouldn’t end there. In the hotel brochure, they have a lights out at 11pm policy, but not for these rebellions! After we got dry and changed into warm clothes, we took a drive about a mile down to the boardwalk. We drove by some pizza places that we prospected to be our late dinner. Once, we parked we strolled to down the boardwalk. We were anticipating on going on the rides with the lights on, since that would be an adventure that we both have never endured, but they weren’t open. I guess because it was still off-season hours.  Oh well, we bit the cold and found a vendor still open to sell us our traditional funnel cake.  Then, we decided to catch one of those pizza places that we passed by on the drive. We found one called, Fat Daddy’s.


We walked in, and immediately my son spotted the arcade games. I however was observing the pub style of the place. My son chose a table to sit at that was ridiculously too big for us. I feel like it would of have fit 10 people. So, I had to talk him out of hogging that. We sat down and ordered a large half pepperoni pizza. While we waited for our food, he played the old Donkey Kong arcade game. Then, when we finally got our meal, he of course was eating the cheese pizza, when he was the one that chose pepperoni – silly boy. I kept looking at the time, what if we do get in trouble for being past 11? Okay, so I’m naturally not that rebellious, I have too much anxiety to be daring. So, we left and made it back around 11:15. Of course, I see that we had nothing to worry about as I saw other people wandering about. Either way, we needed our sleep, and I was planning on getting up early to crunch in more fun. We finally went to bed around midnight. Sleep was terrible for me, there was noise from some kind of company behind us, and it wasn’t my bed.

My alarm went off at 7:30. As hard as it was to get up, I was ready to concur the last day of vacation. It was even harder for my son to get up regardless of reminding him of all the fun to be had. We started our morning going to Denny’s for breakfast. The waitress took one look at me and said, “I’ll get you a coffee”. Bless her heart that Sandra, she knows me already! Coincidental enough, the kids breakfasts had a birthday pancake theme going on, so it was only perfect for my son to order them. When they came out, they were pancakes with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles on top – amazing!


It was cold and grey out, which put a damper on our plans of using the put-put golf at the resort. So, we decided to soak up more water at the indoor pool again. My son and I share the love of water together. We are just drawn to it. My speculation is that we were probably fish in another life.


While I took one last sit in the hot tub, my son ran over with a gold egg. He pointed to a lady who had given it to her. I smiled and told her thank you. I was very appreciative that someone would do that, I didn’t understand it, but I appreciated it. After we spent 4 hours of pool fun, ate lunch, and played in the arcade room, we went to the front desk to claim his prize. They had a basket full of prizes. He grabbed a green stuffed gorilla, which of curse will go well with his cotton friend collection.

After, picking the prize and naming him Francis, we had to check out and leave. It was bitter sweet leaving. We wished we could of stayed longer and played the golf there, but we were still satisfied of that we did do.

So, our next adventure was to find an establishment with indoor miniature golf. We drove down the strip to find one, but we settled for an outdoor mini golf anyways, because they also had laser tag. We have never done laser tag before, so this was a different experience for us. One that I won’t forget, it was awesome!! We had an absolute blast and it was intense! If you have read about our Nerf battles, this was our kind of thing! It was so much fun that we did it twice!


In between laser tag games, he played in the fun house with tunnels and ball pit. We also went outside to cool off and play mini golf. We had fun with that, and we both played okay. It helped that there was no pressure of people waiting behind us, we just took our time and laughed a lot. I was also the score keeper. He wanted to win so badly, so I never shared with him that he was 6 points short. It was a very close game, but I just wanted it to be fun not competitive.

After golf and lasers, we left to go ride go karts and hit a couple baseballs around. I learned very quickly that my age has caught up with me and I’m not the baseball player I used to be when I was younger…such a sad discovery. We had a blast on the go karts. My son was afraid of riding them by himself, but he still tried it a few times, but I was mostly behind the wheel. That was okay with me, I had a blast being the crazy driver.

Once we ran out of tickets and most of my money, we headed home. We did stop at the local McDonald’s for a bathroom break, dinner and one last fun addition to our vacation. We saw a motion detecting color changing table in there, it was pretty awesome. My son ran his hands over it to watch the colors change as he waited for our food. It was pretty neat.


That pretty much concluded our vacation as my son fell asleep on the ride back after eating his ice cream and dinner. Then, I fell asleep when we got home. Of course setting the alarm first to make sure I prepare for the Easter Bunny’s arrival. A mother’s job is never done, and it truly was back to reality. However, it is always worth it. He is worth it to me.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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