I have started making my son’s birthday cakes four years ago. It all started when my son wanted a Super Mario theme birthday party. I was going to order a super Mario cake from the local grocery store. I looked at every store and bakery in town – no one had them. I was getting nervous that he wouldn’t get the cake that he wanted. Then, I decided to just make it myself. I ordered Super Mario figures off of Amazon to put on the cake. I also had a friend paint a pvc pipe dark green to look like the tunnels from the game. I had the design thoughtout in my head. I just frosted the top white and then stuck the figures on the cake around the pvc pipe tunnel to look into character. My favorite designed part of the cake, yet least favotite to put together was the sides of the cake. I frosted the sides blue like the sky and then added puffy white icing clouds to match the background of the game. The cake was lopsided and imperfect, but my son loved it! I tried my best, and I think it was pretty good for my first time.

The following year, my son wanted a Pacman theme. Yet again there were no Pacman theme cakes at any grocery stores, so I started plotting for the cake design. I went into Walmart and looked for ideas in the Craft section. I found fondue, and I decided to use that. The design of the cake started to unfold in my head. Luckily enough, it turned out just like I had pictured in my head, minus a couple minor errors. The black fondue background was so thin that it the corners kept breaking and I couldn’t line up the middle together perfectly, but everything else looked fantastic! I was proud of it


Last year, my son wanted a Minecraft theme party. Oh boy! There was so much I could do with this party. I started pulling up Pinterest ideas for the decorations, but I wasn’t satisfied with any cake ideas. So, I decided to make my own design yet again. I decided to make Steve from Minecraft…like the actual character. Luckily, Minecraft figures are square, so square pans would make this easier. I was going to do the full character, but it was way too much, so I only did the waist up – that was hard enough. It was just tedious. I started working on it the night before, and it took me about 4-5 hours to finish it all. FB_IMG_1492020206288

The cake itself was even matching the colors of Steve, I just knew it would be easier to frost the cake if it had. It was a very detailed design to match the digital pattern of the character. I had to learn how many drops of red and yellow I needed in the white frosting to make skin color. I needed to follow the pattern of his neck, mouth, nose and hair. I literally drew up blue prints for all of this and I actually pulled it off! A lot of our guests were impressed, and I even impressed myself! Most of all, my son was crazy excited over it! This was my favorite and most proud cake out of all of them! And it was delicious!


This year, I did simple. Honestly, I was still tired from last year’s cake making! It was an emoji party, so all I needed was a round sheet to make an emoji face. I pulled a list of emojis from my phone and let my son choose which one he wanted. He chose the one with the sunglasses. This was a piece of cake – literally. The cake itself was blue, and I frosted it yellow, and then designed the sunglasses and mouth with black icing. He wanted sprinkles, so I added that to the sides. Voilà!


I love making these cakes for him. Honestly, I’m not the Pinterest mom that I’d like to be, where I cut bologna and fruits to look like an owl sitting on a tree. So, this is the one time that I can splurge on food creativity for him. Literally, I only have the energy for doing this once a year. So, I’m glad that he enjoys them. I never let him see the process of me making the cakes, I always like it to be a surprise. His reaction is what says it all. He is proud of my work, and I am grateful for that. His birthday is so special to me, so I love giving something special to it. He appreciates it, so that’s why I continue to make them. I would do anything for my buddy…except make owl and truck lunches, that’s just too much.


Written by J. Marie

Founder/Owner, Perfectly Imperfect Parents - Single Mom . Blogger . Photographer . Bar Marketing Manager and Bartender . Artist of Frame Design . Part-Time Student to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

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