My son turned 9 years old on Saturday. He woke up, looked at himself in the mirror and said, “I think I grew! I’m taller now, and my arms are longer!”, as he stretched his arms out. He was convinced that he grew overnight because he is now 9 years old. Silly boy!

His birthday weekend started with a soccer game in the morning. My best friend, her little girl and I huddled in blankets and travel chairs cheering him on! I yelled and cheered like a pro soccer mom. I noticed that my son was being a little too easy on the other team, being the shy kid that he is. So, during the water break, I had a little pep talk, “You need to get aggressive. Be mad that the other team has the ball. In fact, pretend that it’s you and granddad playing soccer in the back yard”. He laughed, but my pep talk worked. He got in there and played awesome! In fact, his team got him the 12-2 birthday win!


Afterwards, we went to his mom mom and pop pop’s house for the paternal side of his birthday party. His cousins, Aunts and Uncles came. He got to play with his cousins, which he loves so much. It was a nice little get together, and he got some nice presents. Mostly, pajamas, outdoor toys and board games, which he will enjoy.

After that, we met back up with my best friend for an Easter egg hunt at her house. My best friend set up an egg hunt for my son and her 22 month old daughter. It was so adorable! Despite their age differences, they are totally best friends. My son is always gentle and protective of her. In the end of the hunt, she got toy rings and my son got candy out of the eggs.


After the hunt, we stayed for dinner. We lost track of time, so we started dinner pretty late. Once our meal was ready, my best friend decided to lay some blankets down, so we could have a front yard picnic. The food was great and the company was even better. The sun began setting, so the breeze blew as a soft gentle touch onto all of us. My son was the first to comment, “I love this. I feel so…(loud slow inhale and exhale)…calm”. I said, “That’s peace”. He took in another deep breath, “Yea, I feel peace…and so calm”. Afterwards, my son and I wrapped ourselves in the blankets and looked at the star gradually appearing in the sky. He was pointing to the stars showing me how they connected to make the shape of a diamond. I showed him the North star and Orion’s belt. As the stars started slowly appearing in the sky, we would point to them, “That’s a new one!”. It was such a relaxing and positive moment. My son and I were getting in touch with nature. My son and I both looked at each other, “I love you”, he said. “I love you, too”, I replied. I felt so blessed. Then, my best friend’s daughter poured water on our faces with her sippy cup. We screamed in laughter, and that made our night..

The next day, I was working hard at preparing for the birthday party at my house. This party was for my side of the family and his friends to join. I woke up preparing a mental list of all that I needed to get done. My fibromyalgia was acting up, so it was hard to get motivated and started. It’s funny how you think you have everything under control until the day of the party. I was cool and collected until the last two hours before the party. Oh my god! I have still have to take a shower, bake the cake, decorate the cake, do the dishes, vacuum, sweep, mop, straighten up the living room, take out the trash, wrap his presents, and prepare food….what the hell did I get myself into, and why the hell did I wait last minute?? At one point, my son asked me to look at him playing a game, and I kind of lost my shit. I think he saw my crazy eyes, because he slowly backed himself towards the front door, “Okay..I’m going to Granddad’s”. Poor kid, “Okay, I love you! I’m sorry!”, I responded. He understood my craziness and was of course forgiving.

Well, it wasn’t perfect, but I did it. Not all of the food was ready, I never mopped, I wasn’t wearing makeup, and I had my wet hair in a bun, but I made it! My guests were of course patient, and completely understood beings they are parents themselves. I threw on makeup and finished up the food. My son didn’t even noticed, he was just thrilled at all of the kids that came to his party. As told in, Difficult Birthday blog, we were unsure of the turn out, but the results were great! My best friend from Connecticut was coming to town anyways to visit family, so it was perfect timing that she and her little family could make it to my son’s party. At first, the kids started playing video games, but I guided them to the great outdoors. Silly kids, it was a gorgeous day, they needed to be outside. They found my son’s stash of play swords and they all went outside playing a made up game of Minecraft – perfect! Video game and outdoor combo! I engaged with my friends, which was great to catch up them and to speak adult in general.


First, we let the children play. Then, everyone got plates of food to eat. Everyone was commenting on the Sunglasses emoji cake that I designed. I love making my son’s cakes! For the past 4 years, I have been making his cakes. I have gone through such crazy lengths to design cakes. Last year, I made Steve from Minecraft – it was crazy awesome!


Then, it was time for presents! He got so many awesome gifts. Some video games, board games, outdoor stuff and so much more! Then, we lit the candles for his cake. After we sang the traditional Happy Birthday song, he made a wish and blew the candles out. My brother yelled in the background, “Don’t spit on the cake!”. His friend awaiting the cutting of the cake, “Wish for a million dollars!”. Then, I completely destroyed the cake with my horrible skills of cake cutting. Everyone got their slices of cake and cups of Italian ice. Then, the kids ran off back outside to burn off some energy and sugar.


As the sun set behind the trees, our guests started to leave us. It turned out to be an incredible birthday weekend! I am grateful for the love and support of all of our families and friends. He may have only turned 9, but it was a celebration that was well deserved. He is an amazing young man and everyone came together to prove it. Thank you everyone! You made one little boy very happy! Operation Birthday weekend was a success!…and I have the clean-up to prove it.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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