The other day, my son and I were invited to a crawfish, shrimp and muskrat festival. I normally don’t take my son to outings such as these, but I couldn’t pass the craving of crawfish. We walked through a good crowd of people to reach our destination – food.

Once, we grabbed a half pound of crawfish, we decided to look for a spot to eat them at. We walked over to where seating and tall tables were. All of the seats were taken because everyone used them up to either enjoy their food and/or enjoy the blues band. We remained standing as we used a tall table to prop our lunch. We tried to stay as warm as possible by using the technique of dance. We were bopping to the sounds of music from the band. It kind of melted my heart to see my son enjoying the ole sounds of Johnny Cash.


After we ate, we just watched the band and listened to the different sounds coming from the instruments. The band was truly talented. After some freezing and belly filling, we decided to call it a day. I asked my son, “Did you have fun?”. He replied, “Yeah”. I inquired about his experience, “What was your favorite part about it?”. He responded, “The saxophone”. I couldn’t help but to be proud of his answer. Music is such a beautiful thing and I want it to be a part of his life as it is in mine.

I’ll never forget his excitement last year when he learned about Louie Armstrong. “Do you know the song, ‘I see trees of green’?”, he asked me. Then I continued to sing the rest of the song. He was in amazement that I knew the song. After explaining that it is a very old classic, he went on to inform me more about Louie. “Did you know he played the trumpet? And everyone knows him because of his deep voice”, he continued. It was kind of beautiful to see his spirits up about what he learned about. That is what music is supposed to do to you.


Music is supposed to uplift you and move you. It’s supposed to inspire you and motivate you. I listen to all types of genres; modern and classic. I let my son listen to hip hop sometimes, because it makes you move and feel fearless to the world. However, I don’t want him too exposed to the rough language and content. I prefer classic rock songs or the new indie rock as their words are what really makes those songs great. The words need to speak to you and give you something to relate to. I enjoy seeing that my son loves the music that I listen to as well, whether for the same reasons or not.

I love hearing the riffs of an old electric guitar sound from Jimi Hendrix, or hearing the sensual voice of Cobi. I even love listening to the blaring of the trumpet and the scratch of the violin. The soulful sounds of Otis Redding gets me as well as the ranging voice of Rag’n’Bone Man. All of it is beauty that can be heard.  Now my son is starting to develop that sense of amusement from music. He is amazed by the many different types of instruments and styles of singing.

It has given me a great sense of pride that he isn’t following his peers in subjecting himself to only one type of music. He is expanding his mind to a variety of sounds, tones, styles and instruments. He just recently received the responsibility of playing a flute in music class. He has taken pride in this position and I am pleased to see that.




Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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