Normally, I don’t do anything really big for Valentine’s Day, because it’s mainly a “couples” thing. Plus, I think the holiday is hugely overrated. Although, it’s intent was supposed to bring love to the surface of our hearts and minds, it’s really just a competion now. It was once a sweet little reminder in its primal days to show appreciation for others, but now we’re forgetting the main objective…love.

Love is everywhere and shown through a variety of people in your life. So really Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be limited to just couples. Last year, I saw a single mom celebrate Valentine’s Day with her three children. She had a few cute ideas. They got dressed up really nice and had a “dinner date” together at a nice little restuarant. Afterwards, they took a trip to the local dollar tree. They had to pick out gifts for each other and each item had to symbolize something about the other person. Then, they all came home to watch a movie with a rented movie projector and with their blanket fort on the floor. I thought it was a very special way to have the siblings show love and care for each other and their mother. I promised myself that I would do something similar the following year.

Well I definitely did come up with a Valentine’s Day plan. First of all, the new Lego Batman Movie came out on Friday, so we of course had to go see it! We had a great time, and the movie was pretty funny.

The real Valentine’s Day event I had planned was on Saturday and it was an idea stolen from a couple I knew. Even though it was a couple, I knew it would be something that my son would enjoy as well. So, while my son went with his father for a few hours, I set up the surprise!

I planned a surprise paint nite! I grabbed two canvases and table easel from storage. I bought acrylic paint and brushes. I grabbed a bunch of books to support the other canvas. I set out an array of treats, such as cookies, chips and dark chocolate dipped strawberries and marshmallows. I even grabbed some hanging lights to hang around the kitchen. I couldn’t wait to show him!

When my son came home, I set out a heart envelope with a note inside on the sofa. He opened it up and read it. 


Happy Valentine’s Day! Please give mommy a minute, Because she set this event up just for you! Hope you like paint!



“What?”, he questioned with a smile. Then, I opened up the kitchen door. He slowly creeped as he was trying to take in what I had done. He looked over the canvases and then pointed to the chocolate covered treats, “Did you do this?”, he asked. “Yeah”, I replied. “Wow, that’s awesome”, he said with a smile. I started to walk over to grab my drink when I heard, “Thank you, I want to give you a hug”. I looked over at my son reaching to put his arms around me. We hugged as we exchanged I love you’s.

Finally, we sat down and got to painting. We gave each other the golden rule to not look at each other’s paintings until we were both finished. We both started with the color red, which made me believe we were thinking of the same idea. 

We enjoyed mixing the colors, especially the gold since it added a nice touch of glitter into the paintings. Every time my son washed off his paintings brush into the water bucket, he would announce what color it would change into. Especially, when it changed to brown, “Eww, it looks like poop!”. He may be a little artist, but he’s still my disgusting little boy as well. 

We joyfully engaged in the moment of paint and chocolate dipped foods. What I loved most was our love of encouragement. “OH NO! It’s dripping!”, he yelled out, “I messed it up”. I lifted his disappointment with words of motivation, “Did you use your finger or paper towel? I’m sure it’s fine. You may notice as the artist, but often an outsider doesn’t see it as something wrong, but often something beautiful”. He decided on my idea of using a paper towel and he was satisfied with how it turned out. I also announced my mistakes and he returned the words of encouragement. We just have that kind of a reciprocal bond where we constantly uplift the other. 

Finally, we were both finished with our pieces. It took about an hour and with lots of chocolate help – it was finished! I couldn’t wait to see his as he couldn’t wait to see mine. On the counter of three, we had to reveal our paintings to each other. 1…2…3!!

They were both hearts! How sweet! 
We did both have the same idea and they were both made with love for the other person. This night was supposed to be a surprise for my son, but it surprised me just as well. I never realized how well it would of turned out and how precious the results were going to be. His smudges of dripping paint was my favorite part of the painting, because of his hardworking and it blended so well in the similar effect of watercolor paint. I loved everything about his painting as he tried to replicate our night with the chocolate covered sweets and smiles. This is what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about. It’s meant to get people to spend genuine time with those most loved and cared about in their lives and find independent ways to show that appreciation for the other. This will now forever be my favorite Valentine’s Day ever. 


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services


  1. I love this! I’m a single mom, too. Since I won’t have my daughter on Valentine’s Day, this past weekend we made pink pancakes, went to a local cupcake place and shared a cupcake together, and then made a heart-shaped pizza and then had a popcorn party on the couch together. I love that celebrating love can be so simple, because love is so simple… Thanks for sharing this!

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