A few months ago, I met this woman, who now comes in for lunch a couple times a week. She had a spirit about her that is so easy going and that I could naturally connect with. We would often have conversations about the little man in my life and the four boys she has in hers. Yet, something felt so familiar about her. I could never quite put my finger on why or how I felt like I knew her. These thoughts eventually dissipated as I figured it was my mind playing tricks on me as it often can do.

Several months later, this same woman came in for another day of lunch like usual. Surrounded by many of my favorite regulars, we all stroke up a conversation about our jobs and children. It was quite the afternoon of laughter and reminiscing about our parenthood. Then there was something that was said that sparked my mind. I zoned out for about two hours, while I constantly replayed the information in my head. I was unable to verify anything until I got home.

When I got home, I realized that the book I needed was in my storage. Even with the disappointment, I just couldn’t get the thoughts out of my head. I was trying my best to connect the dots and contain my sanity in the process. Luckily, I remembered one source that I was able to still connect to. Good Ole Myspace would give me the photo that I needed. After sorting through so many photos of my past, I finally found it.

It was then that I realized who this woman was that had been coming in my work for months….


She was the nurse that helped deliver my son.

So many emotions had flooded in at that moment. The memories of that day where my biggest achievement was born had came back to me. I could feel those emotions all over again. This woman had shared that special day with me. The first time giving birth is very scary and unpredictable. However, I had an angel in the room with me, her name was Pam and she was my nurse.

She made me feel comfortable during the whole process. She got me cold rags and a fan when I felt overheated. She calmly told me to roll over whenever needed to, just to get my son’s heartbeat regulated. She soothed me into breathing instead of wanting to scream. She stayed past her shift to make sure that my labor went well, because we were already going through it together. The one thing I remember the best was towards that last hour, she said, “I know you’re in a lot of pain, so if you want an epidural you can get one. I know you said that you didn’t want it, but I want you to know that you still have that option. But if you want it, this is your last chance to get one.” I looked at my mother, she said, “You can get it if you want. Nobody is going to be upset with you. Do what feels best for you”. I honestly thought about it for about 10 seconds, and then replied, “No thank you”. Pam said, “Good for you!”. That moment spoke volumes to me as it was another verification that I did the right thing by going through with the natural birth that I truly wanted.


I have a strong belief that the people that pass you by is never a mistake and they are always there for a reason. I definitely ran into this woman for a reason. Nearly nine years later, I get to thank her, the nurse that assisted in the delivery of my son. As I sent her the photo with a thank you, we shed tears together. Even though the doctor does the delivery procedure, I feel as though that the nurse is the true hero. She is the one that is with during the ups and downs of your labor. She is the one to hold your hand or comfort you when you’re scared. She is the one that monitors the health of baby and mommy for a long period of time. She is the one sharing the joy after another beautiful life is welcomed into the world.

After I discovered this truth about her, I promised to bring in my baby book the next day to share it with her. She was so excited to see it. Overall, I am just glad that I have photos of my favorite nurse, not everyone can say that. I have a couple of her giving my son his first bath. Out of anyone, I am grateful that she was the one in place of that special moment. I truly wouldn’t of wanted it any other way.

Thank you so much! I absolutely love my job and I’m glad I could be there for you. That truly is why I love what I do so much. If I can make a little difference for someone in labor (because I know how terrified I was with my first) then I feel like I make a difference. I love seeing my little babies grow up!”

– Pam

The next day, she came into my work. We gave each other a joyous hug and then looked over the baby book. This was such a remarkable moment that not many people get to have. Not often can we go back and show appreciation to someone for contributing to their life changing event. We were overjoyed by the find and grateful that we crossed paths again. One day I hope to get a photo of all three of us again while holding that picture from the baby book. Thank you, Pam!



Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services


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