Having a boy is truly a blessing to me, because I never know what surprises may lie ahead. Either a hug to greet, a blanket to keep me warm or a nerf bullet to the head. Surprises for sure, but I love his rambunctious little ways. It’s not always sweet innocent snuggles, but maybe a sword match instead.

I can’t always be the girly girl that I most often like to be, but sometimes a mom in mission with masks and a nerf gun collection. Sometimes, we just make a night of nerf war. We set up chairs and a wicker basket to use as forts. We grab our super hero masks to shield our faces from the mega nerf bullets. I usually pick Iron man and he usually picks the Hulk mask. Then, we go through the pile of guns and bullets. We split up our gun collection to make things fair, giving each of us three guns to shoot with.

Then, we get in position. It is officially go time! I drop behind my kitchen chair fort in a dramatic motion. I prepare my guns to shoot and then shew! A nerf bullet past the head! He’s using the mega bullets, oh man – he means business! So, I begin the war with my big guns as well. It becomes an intense shooting match. He shoots me in the head as he yells out, “You shot me in the eye!”. Of course, I immediately feel bad, but I can’t rush to his side. That would definitely be entering some dangerous territories. He says he’s okay, so the battle continues. Then, I run out of bullets, so I switch guns. Only 4 bullets in the next gun? okay that was a waste. Then, he runs up on me! He shoots me on the hand..woman down! woman down!..wait, I’m okay..Next gun! He takes off running to the looks of my big plastic rifle. I do a quick tuck and roll to reach the corner of the room to shoot him…wait, I’m OUT! I’m out of bullets!…So, I grab my white napkin flag from the kitchen table and wave it in the air, “I’m out! I’m out of bullets”. The battle ends. He wins as he shoots me in the leg with the last 3 bullets in his gun.

So maybe I’m a bad mom who lets her kid play with guns or I’m a mom who understands the fun while teaching the difference between realistic dangers of guns and play. Either way, we have a blast playing with them. He is a boy, so I let him be a boy. If you can’t beat him, then…well beat him in a nerf battle. Sometimes I have to do things that requires me to get dirty and roughed up, because my son needs it.

Sometimes we can solve a disagreement or distract boredom by whipping out plastic swords and starting a competitive slap match. It builds our

adrenaline when the swords make sounds and flash when you hit them. Sometimes when I feel tired and want to quit the day, a sword fight is just what I need to keep me going.


I do encourage these types of playing for multiple reasons. For one, anything to get him off the video games is awesome in my book. Secondly, during the winter months this is a fun activity to play in the house. A boy’s mind is always so active, it is hard to find things to keep them stimulated and entertained, so I believe these are good choices for that. Lastly, being so enthusiastic in sword fights and nerf wars opens his mind up for imagination. He will learn to be original in his tactics, usage of forts and designing his play-destination.


I like to get caught up in the fun and get lost in the moment. These will be the memories that he will remember the most, that I made an effort to join him in his kind of fun. Some dads join their daughters in tea time or playing with dolls. Some moms play nerf wars and sports with their sons. It is all part of making our children happy and leaving an everlasting impression on them. I didn’t always agree with my father’s parenting, but I could never say that he didn’t play with my brothers and I. He spent a lot of time with us and that is what helped build the bond that we have today. My hopes is that my son can look back and say that his mom was a cool mom, because I loved him unconditionally and played silly stuff with him all of the time. That is what I want the most out of these moments. Nerf wars and sword fights are awesome, but spending time with my boy is what really matters.



Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services


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