January 20th of 2017 was the day of the Inauguration of our 45th president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. I feel that it was a vast day in history for multiple reasons. It was the day that Donald Trump, an actor and business man took oath of office. He is a man that many compare to be the next Ronald Reagan. It was the day that Melania Trump, a woman from a communist country became the first lady of the free world. The day that our first black president who served a prideful 8 year term in office had to retire his time in the white house. Donald Trump’s inauguration speech became famous for using the words of “we” 45 times versus 3 times using “I”. It was a day where many rioters were violent and vandalized the streets of DC to protest against the transfer of power. He was the first president to use the words “America/American” more than any other president in an inauguration speech. 

This was the day where I got to truly experience a remarkable moment in history. I was at work, but luckily in a place where I was surrounded by flat screens showing NBC News. I had customers to attend to, but they all wanted the same as I – silence. We all wanted to witness history take place in front of our eyes. Whether you voted for Donald Trump or the other candidates, this was a moment in history. I was excited to watch as this would be the first inauguration that I had ever got the pleasure of watching.


The first inauguration that I should of paid attention to was the inauguration of President George W. Bush. I was in high school at the time, but I had many other things on my mind. I was ignorant to the beautiful marks of history in front of me. Then, 8 years ago I had the opportunity to witness a new mark in history to watch the inauguration of President Barack Obama. He became the very first black president of the United States, in which drew 1.8 million people to come see his inauguration. As much as I would of liked to had joined them or been able to view that day fully, I was unfortunately working in a place where I was unable to do so. I saw a small piece of it during my half hour lunch break right as President Obama was taking oath and the start of his inauguration speech. So, to witness an inauguration from start to finish was beautiful, prideful and satisfying to me.


After work, I bounced in my car with a burst of energy from the history I had taken in from the day. I drove to my son’s day care to pick him up. We got in the car, and I asked about his day as normal. Then, I had inquired about whether he had learned about the inauguration. His answer? No. He had no idea what an inauguration was or that Donald Trump had officially became president. That was disappointing to me. They learn about presidents, holidays and presidential birthdays, but not about the inauguration? They learn about the first man who walked on the moon, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and the inspiring Dr.Seuss, but nothing was said about the president elect. It truly mind boggled me that a moment in history was stolen from the children of our future. Minus the fact that my son had followed the election with me a little at home, he would have never realized that on this day, he officially had a new president. To me that is something worth teaching. Luckily, I recorded some of the event on my phone to keep for my memories. Instead, I had to show the recording to my son on the way home, so he could see an important piece of history for himself. The school system may have failed him on this event, but it is up to me to truly teach him the meaning for these events and what each president stands for in their terms.





Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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