I had to take off work on Friday for a personal appointment. I was kind of bummed out since it was one of my busiest days that I needed coverage for. However, my appointment was unexpectedly cut short. So then I was left with the option, call to see if I could get my shift back or take a mom day? Decisions, Decisions…

Well, I decided to have a mom day! Why not?! So, as my appointment brought me into a different town than usual, I had decided to explore for a local coffee shop. Luckily a shop that brews the same brand of coffee from my very own favorite coffee shop. They had an amazing display case of pastries. Behind the counter, I saw two women baking away as large amounts of dough surrounded them. Bar stool tops were dressed in coffee bean burlap bags. Lights were beautifully hung as the sunshine peaked through the large front windows as well. This was my kind of place. So, I ordered a medium vanilla chai latte and a $4.00 blueberry pop tart.


I found a seat by the front window where my eyes could wander out into the streets. The chai latte bit the tip of my tongue in its preparation to cool. I plugged in my laptop and I began to type away. I have some blogs to write and some plans to draw up for upcoming projects. However, I found my mind wandering from time to time and I know the reason why. As a mom, how can you tell yourself that it’s truly okay to just be idle. This is your day! You have seven hours until your child needs to be picked up from school. You have no one else to feed, take to the bathroom, entertain and attend to – just yourself. You almost have to remind yourself that your child is not with you. It is just you, I promise.


Another thing that may run through a mom’s mind when taking a mom day is guilt. However, today? Heck no, I don’t feel guilty! My child is in school safe and educating himself. I am simply reviving myself. Everyday, I feel the pull of my child, family, work and my brain. Sometimes, you just need to decompress. That is exactly what I have decided to do – decompress and take it easy.

So, on this beautiful day, I had spend a wonderful five hours at this one coffee shop. I brainstormed many ideas that I wasn’t able to find time to put on paper. I was able to get a lot of work done for my own side projects. Projects of which I want to do for my life and not for others. I finally felt rejuvenated! I gained some energy from all of this, so I went home and cleaned before I picked up my son from school. WOW! I cleaned…like willingly.

I guess my point is, it’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to just take time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty, we are still a person as well as a mom or full time worker. Plus, your children will notice the difference in your energy. My son could sense my higher energy when I picked him and it rubbed off on him. He came home and saw a clean house. He knew that I stayed busy, so he helped clean up after dinner in return. Not to say this will happen every time, but it just proves that our children do notice things without using words.


We don’t have to run ourselves ragged all of the time, we are allowed to take a break. Even if you can’t take a day off to relax, find simple pleasures to fulfill those times of needing to wind down. Eat that chocolate bar, have lunch at your favorite sushi place, get your nails done, get up before everyone else for mediation and a cup of tea, take 10 minutes to mask your face, anything to make you feel special! Attend to yourself once a while and I promise it will make all of the difference.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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