Part of our December routine is designing a Gingerbread House. The first time we bought a kit, we had to build the gingerbread house first. Trying to fuse the walls together with icing and as you move onto a different wall or the roof, your previous work would just collapse. It truly made me hate the experience. A few days later, I walked into a Walmart. I was completely disappointed to know that you could get a kit that already had the house assembled…*face palm*.

Needless to say, I never made that mistake again. I automatically look for the “Pre-Assembled” label on the box now. For those who want a challenge and are ambitious to assemble them on your own – more power to you! It only caused me more frustration that I don’t need during the holidays. This year, every gingerbread kit in Walmart was pre-assembled. I guess everyone else felt the same way as me.


Ever since I brought the kit home, my son has been excited to decorate it. He has been anticipating the day that I finally say “yes” to opening the box. After some much needed cleaning at house on Sunday, I finally handed it over to him. He ripped and tore it open without hesitation. He started pulling the bubble wrap from the box and everything fell onto the table. Luckily, the house didn’t break from the fall. Silly kid.


First thing we did after opening the bags, we looked over each item and tried to make up a plan. I think we were a little overwhelmed with the materials and different ideas running through our heads. So, I decided to make the first move, “How about this fondue? Want to make that the door?”. My son looked at it, “Yeah, make that the door”. So, after our agreement, I rolled out the fondue. I wanted to make sure that I got it exactly how he imagined it. So, I asked him what shape the door should be, whether it should be placed on the left side or middle, and whether it should touch the cardboard or whether it needs steps. I felt like he made some great executive decisions on this house.

After cutting out the door and rounding the top, I transferred the icing into the plastic pouch. I tried to get as much icing out of the original packaging as possible. After I did that, I moved onto trying to stick the door to the house and calking it with the icing. What I didn’t realize was while I was focusing on the door, my son was up to no good. It was when I finally looked up from the door that I realized that my son ate all of the leftover icing in the silver package. Of course, I pointlessly took it away from him. I had feared for his tummy and for my sanity.


Next we moved onto planning what the roof could look like. He wanted to make a loop design across the roof, but I needed to ice the whole roof first. So, I took the knife I had used to open the house and iced the roof. My son ran to the living room and played his video game until I finished. I tried my best to spread the icing evenly and make it thick enough on both sides of the roof. It was kind of difficult to cover the whole thing as the icing kept drying up pretty quickly. Afterwards, I called my son back into the room to help me decorate.

So, I made three tiers of triple loops on one side of the roof where my son could place his tiny round candies. He loved trying to make patterns with the colors. At first he tried taking two colors and placing them next to each other, then another two colors and so on. However, because he wasn’t spreading the candies apart, I feared that he would run out of material for his other 5 strands. So, he started spreading them out on the next loops. On the other side of the roof, he decided to do one loop and a big heart instead. We both took turns taking a loop and making colored patterns with the candy. It was so much fun.

The only part that wasn’t fun, was that we kept losing the tiny round candies. Until, I found a hack! I used the bubble wrap from the box and dumped all of the candy onto it. It worked! No more rolling off the table and bouncing everywhere! My son was proud of my solution as well.


After, placing jelly candies on the edge of the roof, placing Christmas light candies on the front and back of the house and making fondue windows, we had finally finished. The last finishing touch was adding fondue bushes for the front of the house with the scraps we had left over. I think it added a little bit of character to the house. We were truly proud of our work. It was so much fun to decorate, and it was very rewarding to see our teamwork and creativity showcase on this mini cookie house. I love this being part of our holiday traditions, because it is something that we enjoy and can do together.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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