I remember getting a pamphlet advertising for a mother-son dance. I had no idea what it would entail or if my son would even enjoy it. However, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to create a greater bond between us. So, I went online and ordered our tickets. I came across a dress shirt that he had in the drawer and I found some simple dress in my closet to wear. I tried to prepare my son as I kept asking him about it, “Ready for our date?”. He would blush, “Mommy!”. At home prior to the event, I taught him how to slow dance. He was patient as he knew that this was important to me.

The night of the dance, we parked a block away from the Avalon Theatre where it was being held. The Avalon is a very beautiful historic theater originally built in 1921. I had anticipated that the location would contribute a special piece in itself towards the event. “Are you excited about our date?”, I asked holding his hand as we walked down the side walk. “Mommy, it’s not a date. That’s weird!”, he replied. “No, a date could mean many things”, I laughed, “There is such things as a play date, dinner date, etc. This is a date between mother and son. A date is just setting up a time for two people to get together”. He seemed to understand.


So, after we checked in, I took his hand and we began walking toward the doors. We could hear modern music being played and different colored lights flashing through the doorway. As we walked in together, we were fascinated by the set up. There was a table with refreshments, a photo booth, a dj playing music on stage and round tables everywhere. We saw many mothers engaging in conversation as their handsomely dressed little men were chasing each other around the dance floor. I’ll never forget looking over at my son and seeing him slowly bopping his head to the music.


First thing we did was grab some plates and fill them up with cookies. After we ate, we decided to get right into dancing. I was amazed by my son’s dance moves. I could see that the music just completely took him over. He was rocking out to AC/DC and doing the running man to Pitbull. He was mainly fascinated by all of the colored lights. He kept looking straight up at them and banging his fists toward them in the rhythm of the music. Even the DJ was amused by his enthusiastic moves and actions.

Then we moved onto making silly faces in the photo booth. They had a basket full of props that we could choose from. We found some props, and bolted into the booth. We had 3 shots to perfect our silly, weird and humorous personalities in these pictures. Afterwards, we would impatiently wait for the photos to come out, so we could review them. Then, once we received them, we would cram together and laugh at each others’ funny faces and usage of props.


I wish that I could remember which slow song we danced to. What I do remember about it was that he seemed happy to do so, because he knew it meant a lot to me. We both looked at each other in full smiles and I was obliged to kiss his little forehead. My thoughts were faced on the future wondering if the next time this would happen would it be his wedding day? A day that I know I would cry my eyes out. Sure enough in my thoughts, I was presently tearing up. I brushed a tear away just in time for a new upbeat song to turn the energy around.

The first most special night of my life will always be the day that my son was born. The second most special night would have to be our first mother-son dance. I never thought something so simple as music, refreshments and dancing would connect us even closer. However, we felt a spirit of appreciation, love and joy in our hearts that night. It was nothing that we ever quite experienced before. I felt as though that night celebrated the beautiful and unbreakable bond that my son and I have. It represented our lives and how blessed that we have each other. It was a night that sadly didn’t last long enough.

Here we were, during our third year of the mother-son dance. At the first falling leaf of the autumn season, I start getting excited about the mother-son dance in November. I try predict what my son’s new dance moves will be this year, what photo props they will have or even where the event will be held.


Last year, the event was held at the armory. The energy was a little different, I think it was because the room was a little too big. I liked the Avalon better as it had crammed us closer and made us stay attached to one another. I think that’s why he didn’t want to dance with me. However, I was still very impressed by my son’s new dance moves. He was more persistent on trying to break dance and doing spins on the floor. I just kept laughing. We still had a great time.


This year, I was over joyed that the event was held at the Avalon again. I was definitely prepared for it this year as I had ordered my dress last spring, and I got him a matching shirt and tie. When we arrived, it ate and then danced. It took my son a little while to get in the groove, but once he did he was a dancing machine. The best part of it was that we danced together holding hands and in sync with each other. We kicked a rug and spun each other to the songs. We felt like we owned that dance floor and that we were the only duo that danced in rhythm with each other. It was pretty awesome. Yet again, a night to remember.

These dances are some of the most wonderful experiences of our lives. It reminds us of how strong and beautiful our mother-son relationship truly is. We are a spectacular duo that continues to stay connected, hardworking, fun and filled with love. I feel as though this event glorifies our lives. It is a celebration of how we keep overcoming our trials and continue in a state of endearment year after year. Now we have something to look forward to each year to celebrate and honor us – mother and son.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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