I picked up my son from school, it was like any normal day. He said he had a good day at school and not much more was said about it. We arrived home and he was getting ready to play soccer with his Uncles. I asked,”Do you have homework?”. I started to go through his book bag. He replied, “No, I don’t, but guess what? I got straight A’s”. I just stared at him. Was he being for real? “I showed Ms. Cheryl (daycare worker), she saw it and said ‘Good job’!”, he explained. So, I rushed to find his report card. I opened it up and started reading it. It took me a moment to understand their ways of grading. Some of the percentages were in the 80’s, which I was always taught in high school were B’s. However, in third grade, it is done differently and either way indicates that he had straight A’s.

After thoroughly looking it over, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked up at him in awe. I was honestly shocked, then I smiled, “Are you serious? You got straight A’s. That is amazing! I am crazy proud of you!”. He returned a smile and said, “Yeah, thanks!”


My heart was filled with pride for more than one reason. In my past blogs, I have discussed before how my son has always struggled with having speech problems. It was discovered when he was 3 years old, but each year that he gets speech therapy through school and daycare, the issues decrease more and more. As long as he constantly has extra help, he is able to do well. Last year was one of his worst years, because he didn’t have an IEP and extra services. It wasn’t discussed until the last couple months of school, which the poor kid had been struggling the whole school year. This year, his services started immediately, but even before he started them, he was ambitious. The second day of school, he started explaining to the whole class what multiplication was. Who is this kid? My son had no self-esteem, inner-strength or would ever speak in front of the whole class before, but this year, he was different – in a great way!As I deeply thought more into it, I realized what my son had actually done. He was having a very rough year. He was dealing and coping with his father’s inconsistency and lack of support, explained in the blog, What are your priorities?. On top of it, the beginning of the year, I had broken my ankle in six different places resulting in surgery to insert two plates and ten screws in it. I was unable to care for my son for about two months. Instead, we had to unexpectedly live with my father until I had recovered enough to walk and care for the both of us. That was a rough couple months, life had suddenly changed and he was having a hard time with it. During that time, I was out of work for about 4 months, which resulted in financial difficulties. Then, of course, followed up with us losing our home due to not being able to catch back up with the rental payments. We loved that home and it truly was a tragedy that we had to give it up, as explained in the blog, Handing over the key. He also had to deal with my downing energy of bitterness about the move. I never wanted to make it harder on him, but I could tell that my negative vibe was unfortunately affecting him. Plus, he had not only lost his neighborhood best friends, but also his best friend from daycare moved away as well. Him and his friend from daycare had been friends for about 4 years,but right before they went to third grade together, she moved away and switched schools. Before, I could even get her mother’s phone number for future play dates, they were gone. My son talks about it often, I feel so bad for him. “I love her, mommy. Just as a friend, but I love her and I miss her”. It truly is heartbreaking.


Regardless of the many trials that my son faced, he pushed harder in his school work. He took what he could control and put his best effort into it. He worked out his frustrations, loss and heartbreak through his school work. He used that as fuel, to better himself through the crumbling world around him. Seeing that kind of strength showcase through my son is the biggest accomplishment. I don’t take credit for what he did, however I do take credit that he has inherited my strength. He could of gave up on his schooling due to his past problems and the failures of life surrounding him, but he chose to become better than all of it. He completely amazes me. I have always worried about him and wondering how he would deal with things. I would stress myself over it and secretly he was doing just fine all along. And now he has an award of his enrollment in the honor roll. I can’t help, but tear up over it. I don’t just have a smart kid, but I have a child of strong-will and that showed both of us that he can and will overcome anything!



Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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