I don’t remember when I started writing notes to put in my son’s lunchbox. All I know is that he loves them. Whenever he is having a bad start to his day, he can open up his lunchbox and get a little piece of home and love to find peace again. He often expresses his troubles about school, so I try to make my words encouraging and uplifting.

I don’t write a note every day, but I try if I can find the time and remember to do so. I have found many ways to keep them interesting. I find different types of papers, different color pens, and draw various art. Sometimes I draw a heart, sometimes I draw a smiley face and sometimes it’s a Minecraft Creeper head. I even found Dr. Seuss stickers and notes specifically for lunch boxes. He loves those, because he gets to play with a sticker. The Dr. Seuss stickers usually includes inspirational quotes and fun little sayings. It just fits for what I’m trying to accomplish with uplifting his spirits.

My words usually include reminders for him to smile, to be happy and have a great day. I always include “I love you”, no matter what. It’s always very personable and sweet. Whenever,we were heavy into praying over our food, he asked to include that in the notes. So, I would write a note with a “Pray over your food” reminder. Whatever makes him happy.

Whenever life hits and I go through a period of missed notes, my son will remind me to write them again. I’m glad when he motivates me to write them. Honestly it’s multi-beneficial, if I write them then I hear the words myself and we end up uplifting each other. It gives me joy to do these things for him and myself. It’s something that we both need, not just for him. When, I write them I know that I’m helping him get through his day. It makes me happy that I can be there with him without being there physically.

One day, the notes will fade. He will ask for me to not write them anymore, because it’s embarrassing to his friends. It’ll then become the days of bland text messages between each other, and the notes will be a thing in the past. He’ll stop talking and consoling in me. He’ll reach to his friends for that support. So, while I still have his nurturing needing heart, I will continue to write notes for him. Because one day…he wont want them anymore.




Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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