I just left Target and snagged some deals on clothes for my son. I got shorts stocked for next year now, and winter clothes for now. The best deal was that I got $13 shorts for $4! Win!

I have been very blessed throughout all of my son’s stages of growth as I have had many of hand-me-downs stocked. Some were from older cousins and in the past, I had some given from co-workers. This year, I couldn’t get them fast enough. My son who was in size 6-7 all last year had moved up to size 8. Okay, no big deal. But then, he moved to size 10. I didn’t have many clothes for this new size, so I actually had to buy some clothes. I stocked up…like an idiot.

Within the following month or so, he grew another size up. So, I had to restock again. I thought, “Okay, he’s got to stop growing now!”…Nope, before I knew it, he was in need of size 14 clothes and 5 1/2 size shoes. Oh my goodness! When was this going to end?! He was growing during the in between seasons of spring and summer – wearing pants for chilly days and wearing shorts for hot days. So, I had to stock shorts, pants, long and short sleeve shirts. Then, let’s not forget that his shoes needed an upgrade also!

I’m not ashamed to say that the majority of his clothes that I buy are from Walmart and Goodwill. Part of the reasoning is well duh, its expensive! Also, boys wear and tear their clothes so much faster than girls. Their rough and wild, and they love hitting their knees on the ground. I love this fun and silly side from my son. However, it’s frustrating to see the first time wearing his brand new pair of jeans, he comes home with grass stains and holes on them already. For the love of jeans, why can’t he keep them for a month without putting holes in them?! The cost of clothes and shoes are expensive as it is, but it’s even more expensive when you’re trying to keep up with growth and depreciation.

So, snagging deals or even finding his size at the local thrift store is exciting to me. The boy’s section is always smaller than girls, which can often make it hard to shop for my son. There always seems to be a limit in variety and no matter what size I shop for, at the time, it appears that his size is in short supply.

To play the game smart, I try my best to get prepared for that day when he grows another size or two up again, this time, I’ll hopefully have them already. To purchase the next sizes up for the future during the down seasons is a strategy honestly. Autumn is here, so all summer clothes are on sale, which means I’m stocked for next summer…I think. You can never be too sure when growth holds the fate of your supply.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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