Everyday that I take my son to school, I like to observe my surroundings and well, people watch. There’s cars lined up to drop off their children at the door, just like me. There are buses parking parallel to each other to safely release children to the school. The crossing guard waving on children to cross and halting cars to stop.

The main things that I would see are the people walking to school. Some children walking alone to school without a chaperone or sibling. Some friends and siblings group together as they walk towards the doors. I see some mothers walking their children to school, some with other children by their side or a stroller.


The most astounding thing I noticed, this one father that walks his son to school every single day. Now, a father walking his son to school is not surprising, but the devotion from this father is commendable. Every day, I look for them, because I admire their natural interactions. He doesn’t look like your typical nurturing father. He always dresses in long jean shorts, converse shoes, gray t-shirt and with a bandana on his head.

He wears basically the same clothes every day, but his son is always dressed very well in a different array of outfits. His exterior may say that that he is strong and bold, but his heart is shown through the way he hugs, kisses and pats his son’s hair down everyday. There is an undeniable bond between them.


After watching them, my guess is that this man is a single father and that he is raising his son the best he can and with what he has. I’ve seen them walking around outside of town before, so it appears as though they have no car. My synopsis is that he may have made some mistakes in his life, but he is selfless and sacrificing for his son. He may not make much money, but they are rich in love. He may not have much for himself, but he makes sure his son is not without. He may be tired, but he finds the energy for his son to keep going. He is alone, but he is complete with his son in his life. The smile on his son’s face says to me that their lives are ignorant to the struggles and appreciative of their connection.

This is the way life should be. It isn’t about materialism, it’s not about being rich in money and having all things in life. It’s about being rich in love and being connected with our children. My family includes my son, myself and our cat, but that’s our little family. It is close and full of love. I have watched quite a few – not all – of those who have cars and wear name brand clothes just drop off their kids without a hug, a kiss or even half a glare back. They have the advantage in life, yet need to learn from those who have half of what they have. I’m not saying all families are this disconnected, some have all of the necessities and make a great family life, but I’ve watched many that were obvious in their lack of connection. The bond between that father and son is quite beautiful to me. I hope other people witness their interaction and learn something from it like I did.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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