In the midst of many wild dreams last night, I got woken up by my son standing up in the bed and yelling out indecipherable sounds. I panicked as I reached for his hand. I yelled his name and gently pulled him to lay back down. With no problem at all, he fell back to sleep peacefully. I just kind of chuckled after that. What in the world was he doing?

He often did walk or talk out in his sleep. He unfortunately got this fantastic trait from his father and myself. My family used to make fun of me as they said I used to climb ladders in my sleep. Evidently, when I was little, as I was sleeping I would sit up and move my hands in resemblance of that movement. However, I never dreamed of climbing ladders.

His father was worse. He would sleep walk with his eyes open. I’ve had conversations with him that often didn’t make sense, and he obviously didn’t remember. One time, he got up turned the light on, asked where a card was, turned the light back off and laid back to sleep. He also used to quote lines from the movie, Barbershop in his sleep.


Sometimes, I watch my son when he sleeps and I can tell by his reactions of what type of dream he is having. I love his smiles and giggles when he sleeps, indicating something funny and happy. Then, there are some where his eyebrows frown, he tosses around or even tears up, so I hold him close, rubs his back and tell him that everything is going to be okay. My son has yelled some random things out in his sleep before as well.

“Mommy went POW! POW!..POW! POW!”

Then, my son often times tells me about his “nightmares”. Some of them, I can find to be scary or creepy and some are just ridiculous, but to a small child, it can be much more dramatic than how we see it.

My son’s explanation about his nightmare 7 years old:

Son: “It was a BIG..RED..carpet”

Me: “Okay, so did it try to eat you or something?”

Son: “NO! It tried to hug me, and I just didn’t want one!”

He was disappointed that I laughed out loud

Dreams mind-boggle me with how some of them come about. Some are twisted and warped visions of familiar places often visited in real life, glimpses of your greatest fantasies or your biggest fears. Some stick in our mind and some are swept from the minds the moment we open our eyes. I’ve had dreams that make completely no sense at all, no plot, no reasoning and some are so vivid and real to life.


There was one dream that came in as a sequence. When I was 8 years old, I was dreaming that I was in my dad’s station wagon driving far away. All we could see were trees and mountains. Finally, we arrived to this house far back in the woods. My dad dropped me off at this brick house with a chimney. I walked in to find an elderly couple sitting inside in front of their fireplace. The elderly woman was rocking in her rocking chair while knitting and her husband opposite from her in his golden chair with a slim end table beside him. It was dark inside, but their faces were clear from the fire’s glow. The elderly man asked me why I was there. I told him that I wasn’t sure. He asked for me to sit down and he introduced themselves. I wish I could remember their names. I looked around and saw many picture frames lined across the top of the fireplace. I began to ask about them. The man began to explain that some were his kids and that some were when he was in the war. He began to tell a bunch of war stories. Then, I walked out and I woke up.


A month later, this dream occurred again, however, it continued from the last time. Remembering who I was, the man began to tell me more of his war stories. I wish I could remember them, I just know that they were amazing. His wife never spoke in either dream, she just knitted away making a lavender blanket. I remember feeling a smile on my face. This couple gave me joy just by being around them.

A year later, I dreamed of them again. This time, his wife had passed away. He didn’t tell me right away, he began to speak of it when my eyes darted toward her rocking chair. He knew I was looking for her. This time, his story was about how they met and their love story. He loved her so much, I could tell. However, that was the last dream. I always hoped to have that dream again, but my assumption is that the old man probably passed away too. I’m sure the dream only resembled my feelings about my grandparents. I didn’t have a close relationship or bond with my grandparents. I wanted to hear old war stories and hear wise advice about love and relationships, but I never got any of that. They didn’t need to spend money on me or even get out of their chairs, they gave me the one thing I wanted – their time.

So, for that, I wonder what beautiful dreams my son may have. What dreams does he have that compensate for the uncompleted pieces in his life? Are they realistic, vivid or are they warped? Do they involve cartoons, video games, family, friends, or anything from reality? Are they confusing, sad, loving, happy, or funny? Dreams are a mystery and a part of our lives. I can only hope for the best for his.




Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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