I was in the kitchen, washing the pile up of dishes. The tv was on, nearby. Most of the time, it was just white noise to get me through my most hated of chores. At times, I would hear things that would make me tune into it for a moment. The show I was watching involved super heroes. This is what I heard:

Leader of the titans: “You need to brush your teeth”

Titans begin to brush their teeth with hair brushes

Leader: “No! With toothbrushes!”

Lady of titans: “There are brushes for teeth?”

Other member of titans: “Beats me! I didn’t even know teeth had hair until now!”

I erupted in laughter. What a stupid joke, but it made me laugh!

Then, my son called out from the other room, “What’s so funny?”…It was that moment that I realized that I was watching a cartoon by myself. I laughed by myself. I completely ignored the fact that I lost the opportunity to gain my adult card back by simply changing the channel. Instead, I lost to Teen Titans Go.


However, I’m not the only parent that does this. So, many of us get caught up in the lives of these cartoon characters. We want to love them and get involved with our children. We want to understand what they’re watching to approve the educational benefits and for appropriate humor of the material.

At times, we tend to continue watching it due to our involvement that we put forth for our children. At times, it’s because we are afraid of our children walking in the room at that exact moment during one our shows or movies during a mature or inappropriate scene. Most of all, it’s simply just for comfort.

My father admits that after my son leaves from a visit, he will continue to watch Sponge Bob or Peppa Pig, just because he wants the moment of having his grandson to last a little bit longer. I tend to do this as well on those days where he goes with his father. It’s that familiar sound that keeps him present, but the fondness fades after sometime when you don’t hear his voice or don’t prepare for a wrestling match. I’ve seen other moms post about this on Facebook; “I’m childless, but here I am sitting on the sofa, eating Doritos and watching My Little Pony”.

So, I am here to say, if you get caught up in one of those silly cartoons and catch yourself enjoying it alone – that’s okay! You are a parent! Watching cartoons is the normality of parenthood. You’re child will probably appreciate you being so involved with the things they like, including the shows they watch. I’m going to go back to watching We Bare Bears, now.


Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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