I’m not sure what it is about getting up before the rest of the house – by the rest of the house, I mean my son. There seems to be a sense of peace when doing this. I have been inconsistently practicing for a year and half getting up at least 15 minutes prior to him getting up. Sometimes, I failed to do this, because of the lack of sleep I received that night. So, I would consistently snooze the alarm, until we absolutely had to get up or we over slept.

This morning, I woke up 5 minutes prior to my alarm going off. I tried to squeeze in that last few minutes, but I just couldn’t. My eyes were wide open, so I gave up the idea. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to have Mommy time.

So, I stood up and snuck out of the bedroom. I crept around the kitchen even though my son is a heavy sleeper. I grabbed my favorite mug out of the cabinet and got it filled with hot water. I love herbal teas and preferably the Yogi kind. Yogi is a brand that makes tea and at the ends of the strings of every tea bag they include an inspirational quote. Mine today read,


“Love has no fear and no vengeance”. Such a beautiful quote, especially a good one to start my morning. I just sat at the kitchen table cuffing my hot mug in my hands for warmth. The quiet was nice, and the slight chill in the room was alright by me. All I wanted that time for was to be still, because as soon as that 6:45am alarm hit, my day of silence and calm was over. It is always rush rush rush from that point on to the moment that my mind and body says it’s okay to sleep again.

So, basically I sat in a dark room with dim lighting from my happy bulb in the hanging lamp behind me. Yes, I said happy bulb. A friend of mine gave it to me. It’s supposed to imitate the sunlight and supposedly produces positive energy. Not quite sure if it’s working, but I’m trying anything to gain any energy that I can.


During this time of peace, I just basically drank my tea and reflected on my life. I reminisced about my rough starts in life and how far I have come. I thought about how special my son is to me and how he is growing up so fast. It gave me time to think about our current situation, how blessed we are, and how I also want better for our lives as well. Sometimes I wonder if we’re just living or surviving. I want to reach that point in our lives where we don’t have to wonder anymore.  The thoughts of “how” was running through my mind. I tried to draw up plans in my head of the steps I need to take and what I need to change to improve our lives for a better, healthier and happier us.

Then, that familiar sound rings from my phone! The alarm telling me to wake up my boy and that mommy time was over. It was a well spent 15 minutes of quiet and productive thinking. Now that Mommy time was over, it was now reality. Trying to drag my sleeping son from his sleep, get him dressed, eating breakfast and making sure to get to school on time. It’s always a task, but that’s our life and I love it. Until the next Mommy – tea time….



Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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