After a dull and gloomy Saturday, I was uncertain of what Sunday had to bring. However, I woke up to the rays of sunlight peaking through the blinds and curtains. No more gray skies overcasting us as it had for the past few days. I had grasped quite a wonderful slumber and for once, I was feeling well rested. I automatically felt productive and ready to take on the day. This almost felt foreign as I have been in such a terrible funk lately since we lost our house.

My son who had already been up a few minutes prior to me was laying on the sofa catching up on his game. I playfully leaped next to him, gave him a big hug. I started to tickle him as I asked him about breakfast. He giggled as he tried to pull away, “yes I want eggs!”. His smile lighting up my world more than this sun, which was giving me more fuel to continue my productivity.

First thing I did was pull back the curtains in the kitchen and open up the french doors. The songs of the birds were matching my happiness over the gorgeous fall weather. So, I grabbed my new pan, turned on my music and started cooking away. I danced to the gleeful sounds filling the room of song birds, acoustic guitar riffs and sizzling over the stove. It was the absolute perfect Sunday.

What made this Sunday even better was how we were spending our lovely morning. I knew that how we started our day would impact how it would end. After, I set up the plates with well cooked breakfast, cups of milk and herbal tea, I stepped into the next room. I told my son that breakfast was ready. He started to rise from his seat with his tablet still in his hand. I insisted that it couldn’t come to the table this time. He expressed a quick disappointment, but trusted my decision.

He sat at the kitchen table with his blankie wrapped around him. I joined him with a vast smile. We put our hands together, and my son prayed over our meal. Amen. Then, we began to demolish the food in front of us. Honestly, this was the highlight of my day, not the food, but just being with my son. After I took a bite from my plate, I looked up at him. I was completely grateful for him being in my life. I was just taking in the moment, watching my greatest blessing from across the room. The best part was our natural engagement, and the belly busting laughter he gave me from our conversations. There was nothing more beautiful and organic than this moment. I just wanted to hold onto it forever and ever.

My plan is to do just so, hold onto that moment forever and ever. I want to have a Sunday morning ritual of big breakfasts and long talks without any distractions. I can’t quite say what it was about this Sunday that was the rise of many ideas and positive plans, but I’m grateful for its occurrence regardless. Maybe it was the welcoming sun after a few days of dull and dark. Maybe it was the article I read about the Gaines family from the show, Fixer Upper, the fact that they are so natural, positive and pure – I want that for my son and I. Maybe it was because I was due to rise above our recent troubles and make the best of our situation. Or maybe it was the combination of all three. Either way, I am thankful for such a well spent and beautiful Sunday morning. I can only be hopeful for the Sundays to come and anticipate its natural greatness.

Everyday must be special, but there’s nothing like a Sunday. Sunday is reserved for down time, a day to relax and enjoy family. It’s the same simplicity as God when he rested on the seventh day. It is here for everyone to take advantage of with our loved ones. It is the day to come to peace before we walk into the realities of our life as we venture into work or school. That moment when I stopped and just looked at my son from across the table, that is what Sunday is all about. A day of stopping to just engage with family, friends and recollect your blessings. That full day is there and booked for us all, but it’s being taken  advantage of week by week with the nonsense of negatives in our lives. Now, I say no more. I will start using my Sundays for what they are truly intended for – acknowledging my blessings.



Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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