I’ve had some inquires about what my poorly painted sign in my kitchen is all about. It reads, “Breakfast Beat Café”. To tell the story may seem simple and ridiculous, but to me it means so much more than words could ever describe.

About 3 yeas ago, my son and I lived in a fourplex. Of course, we had one of the middle apartments, which secluded some natural light bringing a damper to our home. I hated it there. It always felt damp and uninviting. Plus, it was unsafe at times. I came home one day finding my back door window broken. There used to be random people knocking on my front door at 11:00 at night, and as a single mom, I’m sure you can understand the uneasy feeling that I felt. I just wanted to escape into a new home with space, light and a welcoming presence.

However, you must always focus on the positives, and I did have a few. We were in walking distance to McDonald’s, walking distance to our best friend’s house, and we had a nice little porch. The best though? Our favorite room was the kitchen. The reasoning is that it was the room that produced the most natural light..plus, we love food.

During this time, my other best friend had visited regularly and spent many nights at my place to escape her own life. I guess we are always searching for something.

One beautifully bright Sunday morning, my best friend, my son and I got up relatively early. We cooked breakfast together, prayed over our food, and then we ate. It was like any normal Sunday. Until, my best friend had her cup of coffee or maybe her second. She wanted to dance. So, we pulled up music on our phones. The one song that we will forever carry on in our hearts due to this moment was “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers. We got up, sang, danced, held hands and joined in a circle. The most important part of this moment was the smile on my son’s face. He was witnessing spontaneous joy and the creations of peace, love and hope.

My best friend and I have always found greatness in the smallest of things. We often came up with the silliest ideas as well. It was that day, that moment when we playfully said, “How cool would it be to open up a coffee shop where you just show up in your pajamas, enjoy good food and coffee, then dance your day away?”, we played around a little bit on a title for our dream Cafe. That is how “Breakfast Beat Café” was born.


Again, it may appear silly to most, but my mind doesn’t work that way. I’m always searching for a deeper meaning using the simplest of things to reflect on. That sign will carry on to where ever we may go, so that we can remember a time in darkness that we generated light in our lives. We created jubilation and love during a time of hardship. It represents a dream and hope that one day, we will reach the sort of happiness that we are always trying to strive for. A contentment that we build in ourselves. I want my son to see that simple things can give great joy and fulfillment, and that we don’t always need to be miserable during the times of pushing forward.




Written by J. Marie

Mom of three boys. Assistant Manager - Meris Gardens Bed & Breakfast . Blogger . Photographer . Marketing Director . Custom Art . Part-Time Student . Pursuing career in Mental Health Services

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