Every summer or late spring, my son and I explore to different beaches. We love the water. It replenishes our bodies and our souls. As the years pass, I discover more and more different places to travel to. Local small beaches that I never knew were there. Driving distance to stunning waterfalls and charming little ponds. The other day, my brother’s girlfriend posted on Facebook about a small beach off of the bay that I had no clue about – that will be our next escapade.

The great thing about beaches is that they always generate memories. The memories are fond and the moments are precious. My son and I have a habit of collecting seashells and rocks wherever we go to captures those memories. In the moment, I think about how they are great keepsakes and how we they hold the reminiscence of that time. However, they seem to get shadowed with the other stacks of keepsakes without a name or a date. The other day, I looked at where we kept them on a corner shelf and wondered, “Where did these seashells come from? What day was this?” Those memories were lost. I was sad by these forgotten times. Thankfully I have several pictures and a wide recollection in my mind of the many places we visited. But then, I look at the Godsend items that we stole from those places and how we gave it no purpose. It resembled picking a rose for it’s charm and watching it die into shriveled up darkness.

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I absolutely refuse to do this anymore, and I don’t mean stop taking seashells and rocks, but I refuse to forget them. We had recently collected rocks and seashells that I wanted to label. Some of them were too small to mark them all with a permanent marker to claim where they came from and what year. There had to be another way to truly make these beauties become keepsakes.

The other day, I was carelessly walking through my local Goodwill, when I found it! Ta da! The boat!Β I knew automatically that this would be the perfect tool to an amazing tradition – in a kind of artsy way at that! I have officially found a special place to put all of our keepsakes that would make perfect sense. Then, I decided to create different ways of bundling them together to capture each memory. So, I took a drive to the local craft store for ideas. I found chalk labels, little bottles, tiny crates, a white oil paint marker, etc. I was set! So, I took what shells and rocks that I remembered the information of and started my collage.

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…however, I think I may need a bigger boat


Written by J. Marie

Founder/Owner, Perfectly Imperfect Parents - Single Mom . Blogger . Photographer . Bar Marketing Manager and Bartender . Artist of Frame Design . Part-Time Student to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

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