It was a warm and breezy, late spring day. My son was anxious, yet thrilled to be dipping into a pool for the first time this year. He fears swimming as his skills are not quite developed, but that doesn’t stop his fun. What else doesn’t stop his fun is that the water is cold. Cold means nothing to him, when fun is involved. He quickly throws his swimming trunks on and runs for the pool.

As he reached his destination, I could see the wheels in his mind wandering. He was imagining this wild adventure and I could see it unfold. He walks up the ladder, or shall we say mountain. He over looks the cliff into the dangerous deep waters. He hangs onto the ladder for dear life…I mean tree, he’s hanging onto a tree. Should he attempt this daring jump?! Will he survive?! Now, he feels the pressure from his best friend egging him on, “C’mon Tyler! Just jump!” He knows that he has to be brave and complete the mission. So, he decides to take a safer route by climbing down to  get closer to the water. His mind is still wondering, what could be in those waters? How deep is it? Finally, he’s down to his last step. He can’t get any closer than this. He must jump now. He takes one deep breath. He makes his GIANT LEAP!……and oh, the water is up to his chest. He smiles in victory…and also from his feelings of embarrassment.


I watched this fun from the comfort of my beach chair nearby. All I could do was chuckle. There is truly something about water that brings clarity, imagination and pure joy back into us. I love the water, however it was way too cold for my liking. Regardless, I always felt better when I could sense that water was near, whether it was in a pool or from the bay or ocean. I loved going to beaches, small or big – you can learn from a previous post, “A park and a beach” by i glenn. I love the beaches for it’s natural beauty and purity of saltwater air. However, I find beauty in pools too.

Pools are man made pieces of vinyl, aluminum and concrete stuck in the ground and filled up with water. Sounds plain and not alluring. Although, I feel the beauty is found in the excitement that arises from it. The joy that it electrifies in people’s hearts. The attraction of the sun’s reflection off the water, creating these multiplying resemblances of lightening bolts. It warps through the waves of splashes and swimmers. These reflections illuminate in the vibrant blue backdrop. The calm after the fun fades, dwindling into a smooth surface of water appearing like glass.


Pools have always attracted me. I remember having one as a child. I’ll never forget that one hot summer watching the family digging and creating a home for our new above ground pool. Once it was finished, my brothers and I would plead with our mom daily about getting in it. Honestly, if it was our choice, we would of lived in it. Some of our best days as a child were in that pool. If there were bad moments in my childhood, that pool would cover it. There was just something about getting in it that my real world would perish.  Getting into that pool would open my mind up for a flood of imagination. I would create my own world in these surrounding blue walls. I often created stories, adventures or just pretended I was a cartoon character. I remember as a young girl, I was very timid and always cared about what others thought of me. One day, a group of girls in my neighborhood was passing by our house to visit the girl in the house behind us. I was screaming and impersonating the voice of the crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt – don’t judge me. These girls looked at me and I stopped dead in my tracks for just a moment, but then I started back to what I was doing. They giggled and were talking among each other about how weird I was. For once, I didn’t care, because that pool made me invisible and only being in the pool was it okay to express my weirdness.

I saw these same occurrences happening with my son. Thank God, he doesn’t know Tales from the Crypt, and I honestly shouldn’t of known it at my age, but he had other quirky things to impersonate. I watched him stand on the very top of the ladder. He would yell, “My name is…” as he jumped down, “JON CENA!”. It definitely made me laugh. However that was just about the only thing I could make out clearly what he was saying. Most of his imaginary fun came out gibberish to me, but I knew he was actually using his mind, so it was liberating to me. The majority of his time, he wants to be dedicated to video games and TV, where someone else’s imaginations came to life while it decreases his own. I was delighted to see that the waters could pull this marvelous side out of him.

Just like I used to be when I was small, cold never bothered me when it involved a pool and the hours passed without care. I watched as all of his friends one by one would leave the pool throughout the day, but not Ty. He stayed in that pool until dusk. I let him, unless I saw him shiver, I wanted him to stay in as long as he wanted. I wanted his mind to explore, his body to be replenished and his soul to be rejuvenated.


Written by J. Marie

Founder/Owner, Perfectly Imperfect Parents - Single Mom . Blogger . Photographer . Bar Marketing Manager and Bartender . Artist of Frame Design . Part-Time Student to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

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